Queen - A Kind Of Magic (Deluxe Edition) (LP)

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Треки альбома
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    One Vision

    Текст песни
    God works in mysterious ways, mysterious ways
    Hey, one man, one goal ha, one mission
    One heart, one soul, just one solution
    One flash of light yeah, one God, one vision

    One flesh, one bone
    One true religion
    One voice, one hope
    One real decision
    Wowowowowowo Gimme one vision

    No wrong, no right
    I'm gonna tell you there's no black and no white
    No blood, no stain
    All we need is one world wide vision

    One flesh, one bone
    One true religion
    One race, one hope
    One real decision
    Wowowowowo woh yeah oh yeah oh yeah

    I had a dream
    When I was young
    A dream of sweet illusion
    A glimpse of hope and unity
    And visions of one sweet union
    But a cold wind blows
    And a dark rain falls
    And in my heart it shows
    Look what they've done to my dream, yeah

    One vision
    So give me your hands
    Give me your hearts
    I'm ready
    There's only one direction
    One world and one nation
    Yeah one vision

    No hate, no fight
    Just excitation
    All through the night
    It's a celebration
    Wowowowowowo yeah
    One one one one one one one

    One vision he - hey one vision one vision one vision one vision

    One flesh, one bone
    One true religion
    One voice, one hope
    One real decision

    Gimme one light, yeah
    Gimme one hope, hey
    Just gimme, ha
    One man, one man
    One bar, one night
    One day hey hey
    Just gimme gimme gimme gimme
    Fried chicken vision vision vision vision vision
    God works in mysterious ways
  • 2
    A Kind Of Magic
  • 3
    One Year Of Love
  • 4
    Pain Is So Close To Pleasure
  • 5
    Friends Will Be Friends
  • 6
    Who Wants To Live Forever
  • 7
    Gimme The Prize
  • 8
    Don't Lose Your Head
  • 9
    Princes Of The Universe
  • 10
    A Kind Of Magic (Highlander Version)
  • 11
    One Vision (Single Version)
  • 12
    Pain Is So Close To Pleasure (Single Remix)
  • 13
    Forever (Piano Version)
  • 14
    A Kind Of Magic (Demo, August 1985)
  • 15
    One Vision (Live At Wembley Stadium, July 11th 1986)
  • 16
    Friends Will Be Friends Will Be Friends
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