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Anita Baker

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  • 1
    Talk To Me
  • 2
    Perfect Love Affair
  • 3
    Whatever It Takes

    Текст песни

    "I've always told you
    I'd give you anything
    My baby you've been my best,
    my only friend
    There's nothing like the joy you bring
    I wonder what would happen
    If you would trust in me
    I'd make you believe, I'd make you see
    No need to run from me
    I'd make you feel like never before
    Here I stand, heart in hand, help me find
    The door
    Anybody can see baby, you've been
    Hurt before
    Let me heal all your pain, won't ever hurt
    No more
    Whatever it takes to make you happy, baby
    Whatever it takes to make you smile
    Whatever it takes to make you feel good, baby
    I'll be around
    One moment spent near you
    Rules all my pain
    Your miracle soothes me
    Your hurricane moves me
    I cannot explain
    Burdens get heavy
    Become too much to bear
    Honey, don't you say nothing
    Hold on, I'm coming
    I want you to know that I'll be there
    I'll make you feel like never before
    Willing and able, baby, open up the door
    Anybody can see, baby, you've been
    Hurt before
    Let me heal all your pain
    Never let you hurt anymore
    Oh, ahh, ahh, hmmm
    My, my, my, my, my
  • 4
    Soul Inspiration
  • 5
  • 6
    No One To Blame
  • 7
    More Than You Know
  • 8
    Love You To The Letter
  • 9
    Fairy Tales

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