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  • 1
    Talk To Me
  • 2
    Perfect Love Affair
  • 3
    Whatever It Takes
  • 4
    Soul Inspiration
  • 5
  • 6
    No One To Blame

    Текст песни
    "Yes, I've been around and I watch you, baby
    I know you're the one
    I see you and I cry inside, darling
    The moment has come- but I
    I try to hide what I'm feeling, baby
    Don't want you to know
    It's a feeling so deep in my heart, baby
    I can't let it go
    No one to blame
    If I miss this, sure would be a shame
    No one to blame, baby
    Sure is a shame
    There ain't no reason to doubt me, baby
    You know I don't lie
    I tell you from deep down inside, darling
    I'm willing to try, yes I am
    This ain't no game that I'm playing, baby
    Our love is for real
    And I know that it's strong
    I know what I feel, yes,
    Repeat Chorus
    Life offers no prize, no guarantees
    My baby, for missed opportunities
    And I won't let you walk by
    I've got to try, telling you I know it's right
    It's the truth, don't you lie, baby-yes
    You know that I tried to resist you, baby
    But I'm losing my fight
    I mean this, I really do mean this, baby
    Know that I'm telling you no lies
    'Cause this ain't no game that I'm playing, darling
    this thing is for real
    And I want you to know that it's strong
    I know what I feel baby, yes
    Repeat Chorus
  • 7
    More Than You Know
  • 8
    Love You To The Letter
  • 9
    Fairy Tales
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