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Слушать Lonely - Anita Baker бесплатно

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  • 1
    Talk To Me
  • 2
    Perfect Love Affair
  • 3
    Whatever It Takes
  • 4
    Soul Inspiration
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    Текст песни
    "You don't know what I've been through
    It's been rough I'm telling you
    All night long toss and turn
    Nobody's bridges left to burn, ah
    I tell you my story about a lonely girl
    With no one to love her in the whole wide world
    You know she was lonely, lonely, eh
    Didn't want to feel this good
    Didn't know I ever could
    You spoke your voice so sweet
    Child the sound surrounded me
    I tell you my story about a lonely girl
    Had no one to love me in the whole wide world
    You know I was lonely, lonely, eh
    Unlock my chains child set me free
    I'm a different woman, look at what you done to me
    Don't know what you gave me, but it feels alright
    Don't know how you did it, do it again tonight
    I'm walkin' on over, and
    I'm depending on you to answer
    Won't cha be my friend, eh, hey- baby
    Hey, hey, hey, hey
    Didn't want to feel this good
    Didn't realize that I ever could
    You came here, you came to stay
    I'm so glad, 'cause babe, you made my day, yeah
    Yes, you did, uh
  • 6
    No One To Blame
  • 7
    More Than You Know
  • 8
    Love You To The Letter
  • 9
    Fairy Tales
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