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    As Long as You Love Me
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    All I Have To Give

    Текст песни
    i don't know what he does to make you cry
    But i'll be there to make you smile
    I don't have a fancy car
    To get to you i'd walk a thousand miles
    I don't care if he buys you nice things
    Does his gifts come from the heart - i don't know...
    But if you were my girl
    I'd make it so we'd never be apart

    But my love is all i have to give
    Without you i don't think i can live
    I wish i could give the world to you... but
    Love is all i have to give(give..)

    When you talk(when you talk), does it seem like he's not
    Even listening to a word you say?
    That's ok babe, just tell me your problems
    I'll try my best to kiss them all no way...
    Does he leave(does he leave) when you need him the most?
    Does his friends get all your time?
    Baby please, i'm on my knees
    Praying for the day that you'll be mine!


    To you... hey girl, i don't want you to cry no more - inside
    All the money in the world could never add up to the love
    I have inside...
    I love you

    (bass break)

    And i will give it to you
    All i can give, all i can give
    Everything i have is for you
    But my love is all i have to give

    (drum break)


    But my love is all i have to give
    Without you i don't think i can live
    I wish i could give the world to you
    But love is all i have to give to you
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    Missing You
  • 5
    That's The Way I Like It
  • 6
    10,000 Promises
  • 7
    Like A Child
  • 8
    Hey, Mr. DJ
  • 9
    Set Adritt On Memory Bilss
  • 10
    That's What She Said
  • 11
    If You Want It To Be Good Girl
  • 12
    All I Have To Give (Part-II
  • 13
    If I Don't Have You
  • 14
    Everybody (Matty's Club Mix)
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