Whitesnake - Slip Of The Tongue

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    Slip Of The Tongue

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    Sometime after midnight, the heat begins to rise
    Girl you'd shame the devil with the look that's in your eyes
    I know what's on your mind and I can't run away
    If I don't give you what you want there's gonna be some hell to pay
    Creeping up behind me, knocking at my door
    I'd never be too blind to see just what you're looking for
    You roll me over, make me moan
    Ooh, such a velvet touch, you'd melt a heart of stone
    Anytime, anyplace, I'm just the fool who puts a smile on your face
    A slave to love and keep you young
    All it takes and no mistakes is just a slip of the tongue

    And if I want a little love I gotta take a little pain
    Make me think a thousand times before I kiss again
    I'm waiting on your, every day and every night
    If I don't try to satisfy there's gonna be a fist fight
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