Charles Aznavour - Duos. CD2.

Слушать You've Got to Learn - Charles Aznavour бесплатно

Треки альбома
  • 1
    Yesterday When I Was Young ( feat. Elton John )
  • 2
    Quiet Love ( feat. Liza Minnelli )
  • 3
    Love Is New Everyday ( feat. Sting )
  • 4
    Young at Heart ( feat. Frank Sinatra )
  • 5
    To Die of Love ( feat. Nana Mouskouri )
  • 6
    She ( feat. Bryan Ferry )
  • 7
    I Didn't See The Time Go By ( feat. Paul Anka )
  • 8
    You And Me ( feat. Celine Dion )
  • 9
    La Boheme ( feat. Josh Groban )
  • 10
    El Barco Ya Se Fue ( feat. Placido Domingo )
  • 11
    The Sound of Your Name ( feat. Carole King )
  • 12
    You've Got to Learn ( feat. Johnny Hallyday )

    Текст песни
    "You've got to learn to show a happy face
    Although you're full of misery
    You mustn't show a trace of sadness
    Never look for sympathy
    You've got to learn although it's very hard
    The way of pocketing your pride
    Sometimes face humiliation
    While you were burning up inside
    Facing reality is often hard to do
    When it seems happiness is gone
    You've got to learn to hide your tears
    And tell your heart life must go on
    You've got to learn to leave the table
    When love's no longer being served
    To show everybody that you're able
    To leave without saying a word
    You've got to learn to hide your sorrow
    And go on living as before
    What good is thinking of tomorrow
    Who knows what it may have in store
    You've got to learn to be much stronger
    At times your head should rule your heart
    You've got to learn from hard experience
    And listen to advice
    And sometimes pay the price
    And learn to live with a broken heart
  • 13
    Parigi In Agosto ( feat. Laura Pausini )
  • 14
    Als Es Mir Beschissen Ging ( feat. Herbert Gronemeyer )
  • 15
    Everybody Loves Somebody ( feat. Dean Martin )
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