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Исполнитель: Uriah Heep
Альбом: Firefly
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(3:40) Passing through the arms of Satan Reaching for the hands of God Robbing every mind for wisdom Running so he won't get cought He's outlawed by majority Been branded all his life Some say that he's sinner man As he rides from day to night He's bad man so they say Living for his love and living free Riding swift and secretly So he'll miss the hanging tree Wounded spirit on the wind Riding to his dream and destiny He's laughing at the wanted posters Calling for his friends to see Laughing loud as he rides away Kicking up the dust with speed Time hands him down a pathway And freedom is a horse he rides Glory is a dream he's after And fortune is his heart's delight
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  • Looking At You
  • Kiss The Rainbow
  • Jesse
  • Is Anybody Gonna Help Me?
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