Uriah Heep - Salisbury

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  • 1
    High Priestess
  • 2
    The Park
  • 3
    Time To Live
  • 4
    Lady In Black
  • 5
    Simon The Bullet Freak
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    Текст песни
    Somewhere in your eye, that very special glow.
    Something drawing me, to where, I do not know.
    I never really thought that I would lose myself.
    But now I'm going faster than anybody else.
    You move without a sound, touch me with your hand
    just like the rain that fondles every grain of sand.
    This thing we're gonna do, it's just for you and me.
    I'm gonna make it good, good as it can be.

    Your kiss is sweeter now, your breath is getting warm.
    We must take our time and last it through till dawn.
    I wonder will it be? Oh, I expect it to.
    There have been other girls, but no one else like you.
    I feel a power here I've never felt before.
    And I begin to see what drives us to want more.
    Oh god of all my dreams, please tell me if I'm wrong.
    Because I think you have been in love.

    As time past, and all too fast, I just knew it couldn't last.
    And I guess that the end was near at hand.
    Oh we tried our love inside, it just crumbled up and died.
    What went wrong I will never, never understand.
    You tell me why.

    Alone again - how could you leave me.
    Alone again - I don't want to be.
    Alone again - yeah!

    There's a line, in a rhyme, I was going to send to you.
    It says: All that is to be will surely be.
    So, though you had to go 'cause you needed someone new,
    is there still a chance that you'll come back to me?
    I want you back you see.

    Alone again - how could you leave me.
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