Donna Summer - Mistaken Identity (Album)

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Треки альбома
  • 1
    Get Ethnic
  • 2
    Body Talk
  • 3
    Work That Magic
  • 4
    When Love Cries
  • 5
    Heaven's Just A Whisper Away
  • 6
    Cry Of A Waking Heart
  • 7
    Friends Unknown
  • 8
    Fred Astaire
  • 9
    Say A Little Prayer
  • 10
    Mistaken Identity
  • 11
    What Is It You Want
  • 12
    Let There Be Peace

    Текст песни
    "Someone let communication out the door
    someone decides it's worth fighting for
    why haven't we learned by what we've done before
    don't you know history's keeping score
    and just once more
    for every boy and every girl let there be love
    all over the world
    for everyone
    under the sun
    Let there be peace on earth
    let every voice be heard
    Le there be peace on earth
    brother to brother
    'til it's felt around the world
    There's only one world in which we all mus live
    heaven shoe us how to forgive
    and on that marble wall which holds a million names
    generations of dreams gone down in flames
    isn't, isn't it a shame
    For every boy and every girl
    under the sun...
    Let there be peace on earth
    (why don't you try just a little harder)
    let every voice be heard
    (my brother)
    let there be peace on earth
    (oh, if we could just get it together)
    'til it's felt around the world...
    We're running out of time
    as our leaders roll the dice
    the human spirit cries
    its a precious, precious, precious... sacrifice.
    (Chorus x2)
    Save the babies, save the babies
    if we only get it together
    if we could only get it together
    I think we could make it
    think we could make it
    save the children...
    save the children...
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