Donna Summer - Mistaken Identity (Album)

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Треки альбома
  • 1
    Get Ethnic
  • 2
    Body Talk
  • 3
    Work That Magic
  • 4
    When Love Cries
  • 5
    Heaven's Just A Whisper Away
  • 6
    Cry Of A Waking Heart
  • 7
    Friends Unknown
  • 8
    Fred Astaire
  • 9
    Say A Little Prayer
  • 10
    Mistaken Identity

    Текст песни
    "Undercover cop car
    came screeching to a halt
    body lying on the ground
    must be someone's fault
    circumstantial evidence
    seemed to point her way
    her right to remain silent
    was all she heard them say
    Blue dress, blue eyes
    blonde hair, about five foot nine
    wrong place, wrong time
    wrong face, wrong crime
    Mistaken identity
    could happen to you or to me
    mistaken identity
    mistaken identity
    could happen to you or to me
    mistaken identity
    mistaken identity
    (I didn't do it, no, I didn't do it)
    No money for a lawyer
    to defend her case
    standing in the line-up
    tears rolling down her face
    No one cared to listen
    someone had to take the heat
    sometimes there's no justice
    when you're a victim of the street
    Wrong place, wrong time
    wrong face, wrong crime (x4)
    Tu ut tu tu tu... tu ut tut tu tu
    They didn't even say
    I'm sorry
    tried to put her away
    in a hurry
    Don't make her pay the price
    she's not guilty
    for someone else's crime
    set her free
    (set her free)
    I didn't
    I didn't
    I didn't do it no (x4)
    (Chorus out)
  • 11
    What Is It You Want
  • 12
    Let There Be Peace
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