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Треки альбома
  • 1
    I Saw Her Standing There
  • 2
    From Me To You
  • 3
    Money (That's What I Want)
  • 4
    Roll Over Beethoven

    Текст песни
    ( Chuck Berry )
    Well, I'm a write a little letter, gonna mail into my local D.J.
    Yes, it's a jumping little record I want my jockey to play
    Roll over Beethoven, I gotta hear it again today

    You know my temperatures rising and the juke box blowing a fuse
    My heart's beating rhythm and my soul keeps a singing the blues
    Roll over Beethoven and tell me Tchaikowsky she news.

    I got the rocking pneumonia I need a skol of rhythm and blues
    I caught the rolling arthrific sitting down at a rhythm review
    Roll over Beethoven, they're rocking in two by two.

    Well, if you feel you liket, go get your lover
    Then reel and rock it roll it over
    Then mose on up just a triffle burther
    Then reel and rock with one another
    Roll over Beethoven, did ther rhythm and blues.

    You know my temperatures nising and the juke box blowing a fuse
  • 5
    You Really Got A Hold On Me
  • 6
    She Loves You
  • 7
    Twist And Shout
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