Arabesque - Marigot Bay (Album)

Слушать The Only Night Was a Lonely Night - Arabesque бесплатно

Треки альбома
  • 1
    High Life
  • 2
    Jingle Jangle Joe
  • 3
    Roller Star
  • 4
    Bye Bye My Love
  • 5
    Marigot Bay
  • 6
    Parties in A Penthouse
  • 7
    Once In A Blue Moon
  • 8
    Hey, Catch On
  • 9
    Take Me, Don't Break Me
  • 10
    The Only Night Was a Lonely Night

    Текст песни
    "written by Jean Frankfurter (Music)
    and John Moering (Lyrics)
    I still hear you say:
    "I'll go far away
    They gave me a job
    And the money they pay
    Will help us
    We'll be okay"
    So I let you go
    But I should have know
    What can happen
    When men are alone
    It was clear to me
    When you came home
    * Baby, the only night
    Was a lonely night
    There was some-one else
    Thogh you held me tight
    You were thinking of her
    Yes, the only night
    Was a lonely night
    Which forever
    Changed my life
    Now don't lie to me
    This girl, who is she
    Did you tell her
    Your heart is not free
    Or doesn't she know
    Know about me
    She will understand
    That I need my man
    Please come home dear
    As soon as you can
    "I'll try to" you said,
    "But I don't know when"
    * (Repeat 2 times and fade)
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