Kanye West - 808's & Heartbreak

808's & Heartbreak


Kanye West

Треки альбома

  • 1
    Say You Will
  • 2
    Welcome To Heartbreak ( feat. Kid Cudi )
  • 3
  • 4
    Amazing ( feat. Young Jeezy )
  • 5
    Love Lockdown
  • 6
    Paranoid ( feat. Mr. Hudson )
  • 7
  • 8
    Street Lights
  • 9
    Bad News
  • 10
    See You In My Nightmares ( feat. Lil Wayne )
  • 11
    Coldest Winter
  • 12
    Pinocchio Story (Freestyle Live From Singapore)

    Текст песни

    "Wise men say (x3)
    You'll never figure out real love (x3)
    Its so crazy
    I got everything figured out
    but for some reason I can never find what real love is about
    no doubt
    everything in the world figured out but I can never seem to find what love was about
    do you think I sacrifice real life
    for all the fame, like flashing lights
    do you think I sacrifice, a real life
    for all the fame, and flashing lights
    There is no Gucci I can buy
    There is no Louis Vuitton to put on
    There is no YSL that they could sell
    to get my heart out of this Hell
    and my mind out of this jail
    There is no clothes that I could buy
    that could turn back a time
    there is no vacation spot I could fly
    that could bring back a piece of real life
    real life, what does it feel like?
    I ask you tonight, I ask you tonight
    What does it feel like, I ask you tonight
    To live a real life
    I just want to be a real boy
    They always say Kanye, he keeps it real boy
    Pinocchio story is, I just want to be a real boy
    Pinocchio story goes to be a real boy
    Its funny, Pinocchio lied and that's what kept him from it
    I tell the truth and I keep running
    Its like I'm looking for something out there trying to find something
    I turn on the tv and see me and see nothing
    What does it feel like to live real life, to be real
    Not some persona on T.V that no one can really feel
    Do you really have the stamina?
    For everybody that sees you, they say "Wheres my camera?"
    For everybody that sees you, they say "Sign the autograph"
    For everybody that sees you crying and says you ought to laugh, you ought to laugh
    I just want to be a real boy,
    Pinocchio story goes, I just want to be a real boy
    Pinocchio story goes...
    And there is no Gepetto, to guide me, no one right beside me
    The only one was behind me, I can't find her no more
    I can't find her no more, I cant.
    The only one that come out on the tour and stays
    Back when I was living at home and this was all a big dream
    And the fame will be got caught and the day I moved to L.A
    Maybe that was all my fault, all my fault to be a real boy
    Chasing the American Dream, chasing everything we seen, up on the tv screen
    I went out, the Benz was left and the clothes was left, and the hoes was left you talk the hoes to death, you spend the doughs to death, and tell me what is left for a real boy?
    They say, "Kanye you keep it too real, boy"
    Perspective, and wise men say, "One day, you'll find your way"
    The wise men say, "You'll find your way"
    The wise men say, "You'll find your way"
    The wise men say...

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