E-40 - Revenue Retrievin': Day Shift

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  • 1
    Back In Business
  • 2
    Whip It Up
  • 3
  • 4
    Undastandz Me
  • 5
  • 6
    I Get Down
  • 7
    The Art of Story Tellin'

    Текст песни
    "Bruh you heard about out lil nigga? Naw what happened to our lil nigga? they (got a homie in chinese cater) and turned his car into a cheese grater . how long ago did this happen? about a hour and a half ago . where did they take him to? the queen of the valley hospital . what did the perpitraitors look like? a bunch of mop heads . mop heads? yeah, some niggas with some dreads . who told you this? this brawd . how the fuck she know she saw it . now i aint the one to gossip but imma keep it solid, i think she why he got it . now now the fact aint been provin but i think that nigga was goosin . who? the perpitraitor my nigga i think that nigga was goosin too . well where the brawd at? she cut she probably gone for days . she was in the car with him but she didnt get hit she only got a graze . a graze? you mean to tell that bitch only got a flesh wound, while my nigga up there brain dead, layin up in the I.C.U room . now was these some clown niggas, or some really ready to get down niggas? where them niggas at, what side of town imma spit they crown nigga .
    Dont even look over there . act like we aint trippin . next few days, partners came up missin . x2
    The art of storytellin(the art of storytellin) . x4
    what you think we ought to do? we gotta out think them niggas . you see it take a fool, to catch a fool . anybody got any pictures? go to they myspace page . bet you one of 'em rap . you can almost guarauntee you'll find a flick with the rest of 'em in the back . every since i recieved the disturbing news every since i heard the story we gotta react right now my nigga we cant wait for this shit to roll over . well i been doin a little homework and i know this brawd that know his cousin . and his cousin know this dude and he (on the?) and he be mixin that shit with the pay-pay . and dude be around the way-way and it just so happen she know where the nigga that pulled the trigger stay lay, his head at . be hindin his yolla and keepin his fuckin bread at . his bread at, his broccoli his cheese, his guns and led at, led at . well let 'em know that we got muscle, let 'em know that we not weak ... go to they spots everyday for a week . we in the middle of a damn drought . punkin them niggas out . 7 22's and 2 23's showin 'em what we about .
    Dont even look over there . act like we aint trippin . next few days, partners came up missin . x2
    The art of storytellin(the art of storytellin) . x4
  • 8
    Fuck You Right
  • 9
    This A Boy
  • 10
    I'ma Teach Ya How To Sell Dope
  • 11
    The Weedman
  • 12
    Lightweight Jammin'
  • 13
    Everyday Is A Weekend
  • 14
    Got It
  • 15
    Rick Rock Horns
  • 16
    Dem Boyz
  • 17
    Outta Control
  • 18
    All I Need
  • 19
    Gotta Get Betta
  • 20
    Ya Suppose To [iTunes Bonus Track]
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