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Слушать бесплатно Wind

Исполнитель: Annihilator
Альбом: Remains
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Текст песни:
(Simply put, a good walk can relieve a lot of stress and help one to see things a little clearer) I'm walking in the darkness, I'm trying to un-wind Just the kind of peace, I need to soothe my mind I'm tired of all the noise, tired of alll the pain Escape in the night, just to face another day I'm talking to the wind I can feel the calm, the pressure start to go And I can feel the life, it now begins to flow There's something round the corner, there's something in the air A cool, cool chill but I really don't care I'm talking to the wind Showers, under moonlight, try to rain on the parade Don't fight the feelings, try to drain them out Wash them away and they'll end without a doubt I'm talking to the wind Nothing's going to stop me cause I'm heading for the sky Release the tension, it's good to be alive
  • Chasing The High (Feat. Willie Adler)
  • Army Of One (Feat. Steve
  • W.T.Y.D.
  • Smothered (Feat. Anders Björler)
  • Clown Parade (Feat. Jeff Loomis)
  • Wrapped
  • Smear Campaign
  • Perfect Angel Eyes
  • One Falls, Two Rise
  • No Way Out
  • No Surrender
  • Fight The World