Chris Norman - Some Hearts Are Diamonds

Some Hearts Are Diamonds


Chris Norman

Треки альбома

  • 1
    Some Hearts Are Diamonds
  • 2
    Hunters Of The Night

    Текст песни

    "You know you touch my heart
    You made me running hide
    I wanna feel your body by my side
    You walk the streets again
    You need a lover friend
    To try to stop the burden
    Deep inside
    Love comes, love grows
    But your heart knows
    Touch you - look at me
    And the hurt shows
    Hunters of the night
    The look on everyone's face I see
    Leaving me come again in my heart, my memories
    Hunters of the night
    Another time I feel the need in me
    Reaching for you again
    Love is such a mystery
    Hunters of the night
    Hunters of the night
    Wanna hold you close
    My ... turns away
    Seems there's nothing left
    That I can say
    The kind of love you need
    Is just too hard to find
    You know you can deceive
    When you make up lies
    Love comes, love grows
    But your heart knows
    Touch you - look at me
    And the hurt shows
  • 3
    Chain Reaction
  • 4
    It's A Tragedy
  • 5
    No Arms Can Ever Hold You
  • 6
    Midnight Lady
  • 7
    Love For Sale
  • 8
    Love Is ...
  • 9
    Stop At Nothing
  • 10
    Till The Night We'll Meet Again

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