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    Party Down

    Текст песни
    I know the night is silent IЎЇll be insane
    Got to find a new place where I can hide from the rain
    IЎЇll wait for the weekend to get wasted and then
    Gonna get on up so I can fall down again

    Party down

    This world is crazy, everybody party down

    You bring the bottle baby IЎЇll bring the glass
    IЎЇll be the animal,you can be the class
    I know that memory that can shed us some light
    This kind of magic keeps me flyinЎЇ all night

    Party down

    This world is crazy, letЎЇs all party down

    I'm just tryinЎЇ to feel better
    I just wanna feel better
    DonЎЇt waste your life away
    Eeverybody party down

    Gonna shimmer my shoes on down to the red dog saloon
    Just waitinЎЇ for the sunset to give way to the moon
    Been sleepinЎЇ all day so I can party all night
    Hallucinating at the northern lights

    Party down
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    Ruby Tuesday
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    Last Exit Brooklyn
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    Love Of Freedom
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    This Month's Messiah
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    You Don't Believe In Us
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    Sweetheart Tree
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    Road To Nowhere
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