Ozzy Osbourne - The Ultimate Sin

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    The Ultimate Sin
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    Secret Loser
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    Never Know Why
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    Thank God For The Bomb

    Текст песни
    (3:54)(Daisley - Lee - Osbourne)
    Like moths to a flame
    Is man never gonna change
    Time's seen untold aggression
    And infliction of pain
    If that's the only thing that's stopping war.

    Then Thank God For The Bomb
    Thank God For The Bomb (3t)

    Nuke Ya Nuke Ya

    War is just another game
    Tailor made for the insane
    But make a threat of their annihilation
    And nobody wants to play
    If that's the only thing that keeps the peace.

    Today was tomorrow yesterday
    It's funny how the time can slip away
    The face of the doomsday clock
    Has launched a thousand wars
    As we near the final hour
    Time is the only foe we have.

    When war is obsolete
    I'll thank God for the war's defeat
    But any talk about hell freezing over
    Is all said with tongue in cheek
    Until the day the war drums beat no more.

    I'll Thank God For The Bomb
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    Lightning Strikes
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    Killer Of Giants
  • 8
    Fool Like You
  • 9
    Shot In The Dark
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