Giorgio Moroder - Innovision (Album)

Innovision (Album)


Giorgio Moroder

Треки альбома

  • 1
    Night Time Is Right Time
  • 2
    My Girl ( feat. Joe Esposito )
  • 3
    American Dream ( feat. Paul Engemann )
  • 4
    Baby Blue
  • 5
    From Here To Eternity
  • 6
    Reach Out ( feat. Paul Engemann )
  • 7
    Shannons Eyes ( feat. Paul Engemann )
  • 8
    The Chase

    Текст песни

    "You know I'm bad, the times I've had
    I've gotta bad reputation
    I don't care, I get my share
    Don't feel no deprivation
    The more I get, the better it is
    I like it fine, like a little whiz
    Treat 'em like ladies, that's a fact
    You know the chase is better than the catch
    Silver tongued devil, demon leach
    You know just what I'm doing
    I like a little innocent bitch
    You know I ain't just screwing
    I love you baby, love you too much
    I like you fine, I feel your touch
    But your appearance don't hold no class
    You know the chase is better than the catch
    A little beauty, I love you madly
    Come on home with me
    I know you're hot, I know what you've got
    You know I want to shake your tree
    Come on honey, touch me right there
    Come on honey, don't you get scared
    Come on honey, let me get you in the sack
    You know the chase is better than the catch
  • 9
    Lady Lady ( feat. Joe Esposito )
  • 10
    Face To Face ( feat. Paul Engemann )

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