Megadeth - Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?

Слушать My Last Words - Megadeth бесплатно

Треки альбома
  • 1
    Wake Up Dead
  • 2
    The Conjuring
  • 3
    Peace Sells
  • 4
    Devils Island
  • 5
    Good Mourning / Black Friday
  • 6
    Bad Omen
  • 7
    I Ain't Superstitious
  • 8
    My Last Words

    Текст песни
    My life's on time,
    But again my sense is late.
    Feel a might unsteady,
    But I still have to play.
    Six to one's the odds,
    And we have the highest stakes.
    And once again
    I gamble with my very life today.

    Highly polished metal,
    The oil makes it gleam.
    Fill the terror chamber,
    You're mind begins to scream.
    You're life is like a trigger,
    Never trouble till your squeezed.
    Now you crack a smile,
    As you give the gun a squeeze.

    Place the pistol down,
    Now give the gun a spin.
    Soon as the spinning stops,
    Oh no, the game starts in.
    A hateful way of vengeance,
    A bit of playful sin.
    Load another bullet,
    Now the second round begins.

    A couple grains of powder,
    A couple grams of lead.
    A touch against the trigger,
    A touch inside the head.
    Take another drink, and,
    Raise the last bets.
    Think about my last words,
    They might be what I just said.

    A click comes from the hammer,
    That couldn't drive a nail.
    Sense the numbing cold blue,
    Or the red of Hades grill.
    A fraction of a second,
    Do you lose, or maybe still,
    Pass it to the left,
    And, collect your mighty kill.
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