Manowar - Kings of Metal

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Треки альбома
  • 1
    Wheels Of Fire
  • 2
    Kings Of Metal
  • 3
    Heart Of Steel
  • 4
    Sting Of The Bumblebee
  • 5
    The Crown And The Ring (Lament Of The Kings)
  • 6
    Kingdom Come
  • 7
    Pleasure Slave
  • 8
    Hail And Kill
  • 9
    The Warrior's Prayer

    Текст песни
    "Grandfather Tell Me A Story
    Oh All Right Go And Get Your Storybook
    No No Not One Of Those A Real Story
    A Real Story
    Yes Tell Me About When You Were A Boy
    Well Then
    I Shall Have To Take You Back With Me A Long Way In Time
    It Was My Thirteenth Year On A Cold Winter’s Day
    As I Walked Through The Enchanted Forest
    I Heard The Sound Of Horses And Men At Arms
    I Felt Compelled To Walk On And Find The Place Of These Sounds
    When The Forest Did Clear I Was Standing On A Hill
    Before Me Was A Great Plain Upon It The Armies Of The World
    Standing Waiting
    I Thought To Myself For Whom Or For What Are They Waiting
    Suddenly A Gust Of Wind Came Up From The North
    There Appeared A Lone Rider Holding A Sword Of Steel
    Then From The South Came Another Bearing A Battle Ax
    From The East Came A Third Holding A Spiked Club
    And Finally From The West
    A Rider Who Wielded A Great Hammer Of War
    With Them Came Their Soldiers Of Death
    Followed By An Army Of Immortals
    They Were Few In Number
    But The Look In Their Eyes Told All Who Beheld Them
    That They Would Leave This Day Only In Victory Or Death
    And There Was A Great Silence
    My Heart Began To Pound
    Storm Clouds Filled The Sky With Darkness
    Rain Came
    And The Four Winds Blew With Such Anger
    That I Held Fast To A Tree
    I Watched The Four Riders Raise Their Weapons Into The Air
    Without Warning Screaming Their War Cry
    They Led The Attack
    Down To The Battle They Rode
    They Met The Armies Of The World With A Mighty Clash
    I Could Feel The Ground Shake
    The Earth Drank Much Blood That Day
    Each Of The Four Was Unto Himself A Whirlwind Of Doom
    When The Smoke Did Clear
    Many Thousands Were Dead
    There Was Much Blood And Gore
    Their Bodies Lay Broken And Scattered Across The Battlefield
    Like Brown Leaves Blown By The Wind
    And I Saw The Four Ride Together To The Top Of The Hill
    While Below Them The Soldiers Of Death Assembled
    All Those Who Would Now Swear Allegiance To Them
    And The Four Spoke The Words Of The Warriors Prayer
    Gods Of War I Call You
    My Sword Is By My Side
    I Seek A Life Of Honor Free From All False Pride
    I Will Crack The Whip With A Bold And Mighty Hail
    Cover Me With Death If I Should Ever Fail
    Glory Majesty Unity
    Hail Hail Hail
    And As I Stood And Looked On
    I Heard The Armies Of The World Hail Them Without End
    And Their Voices Of Victory Carried Long And Far Throughout The Land
    Well That’s It
    Did You Like The Story
    Yeah It Was Great
    Oh Good I’m Glad
    Now Off To Bed With You
    Who Were Those Four Men
    Who Were They
    They Were The Metal Kings

    Воинская молитва
    – Дедушка, расскажи мне историю.
    – Хорошо, иди и возьми свои сказки.
    – Нет, одну из тех настоящих историй.
    – Настоящую историю?
    – Да, расскажи мне о том времени, когда ты был мальчиком.
    – Ну, тогда... я должен вернуться с тобой назад
    В глубокое прошлое.
    Мне было 13 лет, когда холодным, зимним днем я брел через зачарованный лес и
    Я услышал звук, издаваемый лошадей и вооруженных людей
    Я понял, что нужно идти дальше.
    И найти то место, откуда доносились эти звуки
    И когда лес поредел, я стоял на холме
    Передо мной были армии мира
    Они стояли и ждали
    И я спросил себя: "Кого или чего они ждут?"
    Вдруг порыв ветра пришел с Севера
    И появился одинокий всадник
    Который сжимал стальной клинок.
    Потом, с Юга появился второй, который нес боевой топор
    С Востока пришел третий, который держал палицу
    И, в конце концов, с Запада всадник, который держал в руках
    Великий молот войны.
    С ними пришли их солдаты смерти
    Вслед за армией бессмертных
    Они были в меньшинстве
    Но взгляд в их глазах говорил, что все кто увидел их
    Поняли, что они покинут этот день только в славе или смерти
    И там стояла великая тишина....мое сердце начало учащенно биться
    Штормовые облака наполнили неб
  • 10
    Blood Of The Kings
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