Limp Bizkit - Significant Other (Album)

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    Limp Bizkit
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    Limp Bizkit
    Just Like This
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    Limp Bizkit
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    Limp Bizkit
    Break Stuff
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    Limp Bizkit
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    Limp Bizkit
    I'm Broke
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    Limp Bizkit
    Nobody Like You
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    Limp Bizkit
    Don't Go Off Wandering
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    Limp Bizkit
    9 Teen 90 Nine
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    Limp Bizkit
    N 2 Gether Now
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    Limp Bizkit
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    Limp Bizkit
    No Sex
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    Limp Bizkit
    Show Me What You Got

    Текст песни
    "Keepin' it real
    World wide baby
    Limp Bizkits in the house
    So bring it on
    I'd like to dedicate this song to you
    For makin my dreams come true
    For the millinum
    Are you ready?
    Then get the f*ck up
    Where you at Jacksonville
    Rochester, Louisville
    Columbia, Hartford, Milwaukee
    And Lewiston Maine?
    Where you at Providence
    Nashville, Memphis
    Lauderdale, Portland
    Orlando, Chicago and Frisco?
    I left my heart in Austin
    With Mary Campbell
    Got lost in Boston
    Lookin' for the tea party
    Met a child molester in Worchester
    Need a Kleenex every time
    I'm leavin' Phoenix
    I get silly when I play in Philly
    Limp Bizkit committee down
    In Kansas City
    Never know what I'm in for
    When I'm play in Denver
    Hard rock don't stop down in Vegas
    In Cincinnati the girls call me daddy
    And I probably ain't leavin'
    The next time I'm in Cleveland
    Found my lucky coin in Des Moine
    And spit on a boy
    Named Tina in Pasadena
    We get the swing from new Orleans
    Ft worth and Dallas we toast
    When we're tippin' up the challis
    Tulsa, St. Louis, Sacto
    Mesa, Norfolk, Lawrence
    Minneapolis, St. Paul, North Hampton
    Detroit, Omaha, New York, LA
    What can I say, I can't name 'em all
    So somebody, anybody
    Everybody get the f*ck up
    Show me what you got
    Show me what you got
    Hey ladies
    Who's hot, who's not
    Who? Who?
    Who's hot, who's not
    I can't help
    But believe in these friends
    These bands, these tours
    And these places I've been
    I thank God, Mom and Dad
    Adriana, the sky
    For the love I feel inside
    Jordan, my phat ass band
    Without 'em I'd be nothin'
    But a pumpkin'
    Shoved inside a can
    Without the fans there
    Wouldn't be no show
    And if that was really so
    Then life would really blow
    To the firm, you always got my back
    KoRn for the love
    And the swappin' of the tracks
    My brother Cory D
    My man Terry Date
    We brought it to the plate
    And you made it sound great
    Scott Weiland the melody man
    If you can't sing it nobody can
    Wu-Tang Clan skills from the Method
    The worlds best MC kills on this record
    Slim Shady, crazy ass cracker
    Staind, a brand new drug for your brain
    Les Claypool, for actin' like a fool
    And all of the bands with the demos
    That were cool
    I'm so grateful for this life of mine
    The ones I didn't thank
    I will some other time
    Now I want somebody, anybody
    Everybody get the f*ck up
    And show me what you got
    Show me what you got
    Hey ladies
    Who's hot, who's not
    Who? Who?
    Who's hot, who's not
    Who's hot, baby?
    Who's hot?
    I've been around this world
    And then some
    Dumb ditty dumb kid
    Where you comin' from?
    I went from the garage
    To steppin' on these stages
    Outrageous rhymes left my mind
    And soon became contagious
    An MC with bad habits I am
    I see a mic then I grab it
    Scary ain't it?
    Comin' raw with no corrections
    Savin' all perfection's
    For what I do with my erections
    So dream on!
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    Limp Bizkit
    A Lesson Learned
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    Limp Bizkit
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    Limp Bizkit
    Break Stuff
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    Limp Bizkit
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    Limp Bizkit

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