Marc Almond - Tenement Symphony (Album)

Слушать Vaudeville And Burlesque - Marc Almond бесплатно

Треки альбома
  • 1
    Meet me in my Dream
  • 2
    Beautiful Brutal Thing
  • 3
    I've Never Seen Your Face
  • 4
    Vaudeville And Burlesque

    Текст песни
    "I've had my fill of ugly words, I've had my fill of lies
    When the only truth and beauty now is deep within your thighs
    The roses are in bloom my dear, I haven't any fear
    That you'll love me like you did last year
    Look at me do you see a man against the world?
    But don't look at me and see an unhappy man
    With some powder and some paints
    And the patience of a saint, I'm still here
    My life's not over yet
    I'm not up there on the shelf
    I've found someone to love
    Apart from just myself
    I've had my fill of bitterness, I've had my fill of dirt
    I've had enough of emptiness, I've had enough of hurt
    I think we'll get the last laugh if we don't break down and cry
    And find the joke's on you and I
    Look at us, do you see us in a Burlesque show?
    Look at us, are we in Vaudeville?
    We've tasted every thrill, every powder, every pill
    And we're still here
    I've had enough of broken cups
    I've had enough of scenes
    Of other people's laughter
    When we go through our routines
    The lilies aren't in season so I've no reason to fear
    That you'll love me like you did last year
    That you'll love me like you did last year
    That you'll love me like you did last year
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  • 8
    What Is Love?
  • 9
    Trois Chansons de Bilitis - Extract
  • 10
    The Days of Pearly Spencer
  • 11
    My Hand Over My Heart
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