Marc Almond - Mother Fist And Her Five Daughters (Album)

Слушать The Hustler - Marc Almond бесплатно

Треки альбома
  • 1
    Mother Fist
  • 2
    There Is A Bed
  • 3
    Saint Judy
  • 4
    The Room Below
  • 5
    Angel In Her Kiss
  • 6
    The Hustler

    Текст песни
    "Over there
    In the cold
    Stands the Hustler
    His eyes are old
    He has seen a million ugly scenes
    Places where men droop with mould
    The backrooms
    Where soiled goods are sold
    Seen with opened eyes since frail fifteen
    He has found it hard at first
    But on his brow there sits a curse
    For when the young must suffer
    At the hands of men
    Memories of Christmas past
    Were never there to ever last
    Things as were can never
    Be again
    Over there
    By the wall
    Stands the Hustler
    He's not very tall
    He's trampled by the jaded by the sly
    He's seen the darker side of men
    First fascinated and then
    He found his urge to laugh
    An urge to cry
    He'll find close friends
    No friend at all
    He feels so lonely, tired and small
    How few are chosen from
    The golden call
    There's something in us all it seems
    To crave adventure
    Hunt for dreams
    But corruption the seducer spoils our schemes
    And surely as the snow will melt
    The Hustler
    Grabs his soul and heads for home
    With lessons learnt under his belt
    Over there
    By the wall
    Stands the Hustler
    With the men of law
    On either side to flank the sallow youth
    But some of us will never learn
    It takes the blow of fists to burn
    How painfully we suffer for the truth
  • 7
    Melancholy Rose
  • 8
    Mr. Sad
  • 9
    The Sea Says
  • 10
  • 11
    Ruby Red
  • 12
    The River
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