• Love In Siberia

    Текст песни

    "I can feel -something just ain't right
    I can see - when you sleep at night
    In your dreams - there is no way you can find
    Peace of mind...
    When we touch
    All the fires burning too much
    I won't let you run down on me
    I watch our love grow
    Turning cold...
    Lookin' out for love in Siberia
    Gotta look out for love anywhere you are
    Ain't nobody gonna take your love away...
    Lookin' out for love in Siberia
    Checking out to see what our chances are
    Ain't nobody gonna take our love away...
    Could it be - I just need more
    Can't you see - what you got in store
    If you stay I will never let you go - oh no...
    Try to reach - try to hold me tight
    Wanna need - we must try and fight
    Gettin' cool - where we used to be sincere
    Cause we're... (cause we are...)
    Repeat CHORUS

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