• Amok Run
  • Corpses Of Liberty
  • Destroy What Destroys You
  • The Few, The Proud, The Broken
  • To The Afterborn
  • Violent Revolution
  • Your Heaven, My Hell

    Текст песни

    "After all these centuries of teaching godly wrath.
    Punishment and after Life.
    Pandemonium. Gods that torture. Gods that judge.
    Bring the guilt that they Make you deceived by psychopaths.
    I see through the web you weave.
    Your Heaven, my hell. Your Heaven has become my hell.
    You are the virus of this Scorched burnt earth.
    Your heaven, my Hell.
    Your heaven will always be my Hell.
    Fear has possessed the hearts of man. The hearts of man.
    Now the angles of justice. Preparing their decent.
    All illusions that Poison.
    Praying this will be the end. It should all fall apart now.
    Kill the Contrivance and desires. A life time of penetration.
    Betray your soul, then Death smiles. Your heaven my hell.
    My destroyer of your faith. Your heaven, My Hell.
    All creator you shall fear my name.
    At the end of religion. My spirit shall not die. I will only see clearer.
    No Longer haunted by these times. I'll be stronger than ever.
    No temptation to Resist. So come on, take my hand now.
    Let's celebrate the apocalypse.
    Your Heaven my hell. A destroyer of your faith.
    Your heaven, my hell. The Creator You shall fear my name.
    Let this last farewell be heard across all countries.
    ll cultures, no more Contrivance Messiahs.
    Embrace the dawning of the new earth.
    Lets kill all gods. Let's crush the hypocrisy.
    My eyes are open wide. My Eyes Are open wide.
    Your heaven, my hell. Your heaven, my hell. My destroyer.
    Your Heaven, my hell. All creator. Your heaven, my hell.
    All destroyer. Your Heaven, My hell. My eyes are open wide.


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