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  • 1
    Southern Fried
  • 2
    Blow It Out (Remix) ( feat. 50 Cent )
  • 3
    Stand Up ( feat. Shawnna )

    Текст песни
    Stand up! Stand up!
    Stand up! Stand up!

    [Chorus: Ludacris and (woman)]
    When I move you move (just like that?)
    When I move you move (just like that?)
    When I move you move (just like that?)
    Hell yeah! Hey DJ bring that back!
    (When I move you move) just like that?
    (When I move you move) just like that?
    (When I move you move) just like that?
    (Hell yeah, Hey DJ bring that back!)

    [Verse - 1]
    How you ain't gon' FUCK! bitch out me?
    I'm the GOD DAMN reason you in VIP
    CEO you don't have to see ID
    I'm young, wild, and strapped like Chi-Ali
    BLAOW! We ain't got nothing to worry about
    Whoop ass, let security carry em out
    Watch out for the medallion my diamonds are wreckless
    Feels like a MIDGET is hanging from my neckless
    I pulled up wit a million trucks
    Looking, smelling, feeling like a million bucks-ahh!
    Pass the bottles, the heat is on
    We in the huddle all smoking that Cheech & Chong
    What's wrong?! The club and moon is full
    And I'm lookin for a THICK young lady to pull
    One sure shot way to get em outta them pants
    Take note to the brand new dance, like this


    [Verse - 2]
    Go on wit ya big ass! lemme see something
    Tell ya little friend he can quit mean mugging
    I'm lit and I don't care what no one thinks
    But where the FUCK is the waitress at wit my drinks?!
    My people outside and they can't get in
    We gon' rush the back door and break em in
    The owner already pissed cause we sorta late
    But our time and our clothes gotta coordinate
    Most girls lookin right some lookin a mess
    That's why they spilling drinks all over ya dress
    But Louie Vuitton bras all over your breasts
    Got me wanting to put hickies all over ya chest-ahh
    C'mon! we gon party tonight
    Y'all use mouth to mouth bring the party to life
    Don't be scurred, show another part of your life
    The more drinks in your system the harder to fight!


    Stand up! Stand up!
    Stand up! Stand up!

    [Verse - 3]
    Damn right the Fire Marshall wanna shut us down
    Get us out so someone can gun us down
    We was two songs away from getting some cutta
    Now we one song away from tearing da club up
    Move over! Luda got something to say
    Do it now cause 'tomorrow' ain't promised 'today'
    Work wit me! let's become one with the beat
    And don't worry bout me steppin all over ya feet


    Stand up! Stand up!
    Stand up! Stand up!
    Stand up! (just like that?)
    Stand up! (just like that?)
    Stand up! Stand up!
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    T Baggin'
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    Hip Hop Quotables
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    Black Man's Struggle (Skit)
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    Hoes In My Room ( feat. Snoop Dogg )
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    Interactive (Skit)
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    We Got ( feat. I-20 feat. 2 Chainz feat. Chingy )
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    Eyebrows Down ( feat. 2 Chainz feat. Dolla Boy )
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    Act A Fool
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    Southern Hospitality (Remix) ( feat. Ms. Dynamite feat. Maxwell D )
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    Blow It Out
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