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    Southern Fried
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    Blow It Out (Remix) ( feat. 50 Cent )
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    Stand Up ( feat. Shawnna )
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    Rob Quarters (Skit)
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    Splash Waterfalls
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    Hard Times ( feat. 8Ball feat. MJG feat. Carl Thomas )

    Текст песни
    (feat. Eightball & MJG, Carl Thomas)

    [Chorus: Carl Thomas]
    I'm tryin to make it through these hard times (hard, times)
    I'm tryin to make it through these hard times
    I'm tryin to make it through these hard times (hard, times)
    I'm tryin to make it through these hard times
    I'm tryin to make it through these hard times (hard, times)
    I'm tryin to make it through these hard times
    I'm tryin to make it through these hard times (hard, times)
    Hard times (hard), hard times (hard)

    [Verse One: Ludacris]
    You never know how much you miss a person, until they gone
    Like to hear it? Hear it go, I'm rehearsing, gotta sing my song
    I know I've done some wrong, but I can't get right
    Cause life is like a big fight
    I'm stickin-and-movin, tryin to get my shit right
    My family's been houndin me, friends they done turned against me
    Kinda like they hearts was on a full tank, but now they empty
    And they say I've changed, but like twins I'm just the same
    It's because of my job, mo' money mo' prob in this dirty game
    This industry FUCKED UP
    That's right I said it, and it's fake as ever
    Keep real niggaz around me, stay "Space Age 4 Eva"
    Po-ppa never went and jumped the broom, never got that one degree
    But if you looked down from heaven, you'd still be proud of me
    Your son was DUI, but my momma made it by
    I didn't shed no tears when you left me
    but the rest of the family cried
    Trials and tribulations, ruined my concentration
    Losin my patience, hard times for goodness sake'n


    [Verse Two: Eightball]
    As this Valium slowly starts to kick in
    Them subconcious, subliminal thoughts, start tickin
    This whole world around me, diseased, and crumblin
    Babies doin dope cause daddy did it right in front of them
    Everybody wanna blame music for they bad kids
    Sittin up in the court talkin 'bout Eminem made me do what I did
    My own hard times rolled in like the fog
    Try to think of others, but I can't get past my own thoughts
    My momma, in 1967, pickin cotton
    While other blacks was gettin liberated, boycottin
    My old man was a player, ain't no hidin that
    He started tootin then he graduated to smokin crack
    I never saw him, never needed to see that muh'fucker
    He left me and my mother stuck down here in this fuckin gutter
    I tattoed it on my arm so I can't forget it
    It's in my mind and my heart so I'm forever with it


    [Verse Three: MJG]
    A drum machine, the old fo'-track, and a pack of new tapes
    In the middle of, 1988, in a corner cafe
    We made beats, and hung with old heads, and stayed out late at night
    Do talent shows, fo'-way split the dough, that was our way of life
    My momma stayed, home full time so she could raise me
    Knowin without a, household father, things could get crazy
    Sometimes I listened, sometimes I thought I knew it all
    But nevertheless, momma was with me through it all
    I graduated out of nothin, not out of school, it was like
    12, 13, 14 years I'm thinkin cool
    I might as well, be focusin on me tryin to get paid
    Usin these rhymes I've been writin since in the 7th grade
    Our team played, and had physical sex with minimum wage
    It was just like a piece of pussy
    It fucked me long as I stayed
    But still I prayed, Lord I'm tryin now please help me out the water
    It can't get no harder
    Help me to get back up and get my shit tomorrow

    [Chorus - 2X]
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    Diamond In The Back
  • 8
    Screwed Up ( feat. Lil' Flip )
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    T Baggin'
  • 10
  • 11
    Hip Hop Quotables
  • 12
    Black Man's Struggle (Skit)
  • 13
    Hoes In My Room ( feat. Snoop Dogg )
  • 14
  • 15
    Interactive (Skit)
  • 16
    We Got ( feat. I-20 feat. 2 Chainz feat. Chingy )
  • 17
    Eyebrows Down ( feat. 2 Chainz feat. Dolla Boy )
  • 18
    Act A Fool
  • 19
    Southern Hospitality (Remix) ( feat. Ms. Dynamite feat. Maxwell D )
  • 20
    Blow It Out

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