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Слушать Save The World - George Harrison бесплатно

Треки альбома
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    Blood From A Clone
  • 2
    Unconsciousness Rules
  • 3
    Life Itself
  • 4
    All Those Years Ago
  • 5
    Baltimore Oriole
  • 6
  • 7
    That Which I Have Lost
  • 8
    Writings On The Wall
  • 9
    Hong Kong Blues
  • 10
    Save The World

    Текст песни
    "We've got to save the world
    Someone else may want to use it
    So far we've seen
    This planet's rape, how we've abused it
    We've got to save the world
    The Russians have the biggest share
    With their long fingers everywhere
    And now they've bombs in outer space
    With laser beams and atomic waste
    Rain forest chopped for paper towels
    One acre gone in every hour*
    Our birds and wildlife all destroyed
    To keep some millionaires employed
    We've got to save the whale
    Greenpeace they've tried to diffuse it
    But dog food salesmen
    Persist on kindly to harpoon it
    We've got to save the world
    The armament consortium
    They're selling us plutonium
    Now you can make your own H-bomb
    Right in the kitchen with your mom
    The nuclear power that costs you more
    Than anything you've known before
    The half-wit's answer to a need
    For cancer, death, destruction, greed
    We've got to save the world
    Someone's children they may need it
    So far we've seen
    The big business of extinction bleed it
    We've got to save the world
    We're at the mercy of so few
    With evil hearts determined to
    Reduce this planet into hell
    Then find a buyer and make quick sale
    To end upon a happy note
    Like trying to make concrete float
    Is very simple knowing that
    God in your heart lives
    We've got to save the world
    Someone else may want to use it
    It's time you knew
    How close we've come
    We're gonna lose it - We gotta save, we gotta save
    We gotta save the world
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