Boytronic - The Working Model (Album)

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    Luna Square

    Текст песни
    "There's a man who waits in the shade
    He don't look like us
    But his eyes are sparkling in the darkness
    You can't say how old he is
    The years can't hurt him
    He knows the magic that makes images
    He don't look rich
    But it seems there's forbidden treasures
    And he's the one who knows the secret way
    Time has come to take care
    Turn around and run but
    If you don't
    You'll have to hear the words he'll say:
    Ride to the white zone!
    Follow the stairs!
    I'll wait for you at Luna Square!
    He will teach you all his spells
    How to turn dust into gold
    The path to heaven and to hell
    To be strong and to behold
    To delude the wealthy man,
    To seduce his virgin maid
    How to curse the magic ban
    How to raise his limits great.
    Ride to the white zone!
    I will be there
    I'll wait for you at Luna Square!
    There are sparkles in your eyes
    You enjoy your mighty life
    By and by
    The years weren't dry
    You're in a state that you can't die
    All your tries are in vain
    You must go the dusty way
    You are waiting in the shade
    You will be the one who'll say:
    Ride to the white zone!
    Follow the stairs!
    I'll wait for you at Luna Square!
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    Diamonds And Loving Arms
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    Red Chips
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    (I Want To Live) In Harmony
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    My Baby Lost It's Way
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    You're One Who Stays
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    At Last
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