Deep Purple - In Rock (Album)

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Треки альбома
  • 1
    Speed King
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  • 3
    Child In Time
  • 4
    Flight Of The Rat

    Текст песни
    Spread the word around
    The rat is leaving town
    The message is a song
    The misery is gone

    Once I had a dream
    To sing before the queen
    She didn't want to know
    She wouldn't see the show

    What a fright
    I couldn't do it right
    Oh what a night

    Mystic demons fly
    All about the sky
    With memories of a clown
    The saddest show in town

    When I was seventeen
    Me mother said to me
    Be careful what you touch
    You shouldn't take so much

    I blew my mind
    She was so kind
    I could have cried

    In my mind
    I had to find
    A kind of new way
    Of being oh so cool
    Like a blue blooded
    Well studded
    English fool

    Speak about the past
    Times are changing fast
    Once I was so weak
    I couldn't even speak

    Shaking put a curse
    Nothing could be worse
    Walking through the door
    Who could ask for more

    Now I'm free
    And I can see
    And I can see

    Spread the word around
    The rat is leaving town
    The message is a song
  • 5
    Into The Fire
  • 6
    Living Wreck
  • 7
    Hard Lovin' Man
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