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"Setting it down, stepping away I feel the love draining out of me With each word you say No more in doubt, I see the cloud I wanna hunger for life again You're not the way, you're not the way Throwing it out, nothing to save I feel the luck of confusion Gives it away Some other time, some other day I know it's all in my mind now So hear what I say, so hear what I say Burn away I'll never feel it, won't see it, won't hear it You can count all the sand I'll never fall by your hand So strike me down Burn away I'll never feel it, won't see it, won't hear it You can darken the sky But you won't rain in my eye So strike me down Turning it off, no other way To see myself in the future This is the play Haunting it seems, seeing your dreams They disappear like the fog you cast Over my head, over my head I can't let go How did you know I'll wear your wings And fly into the sky I can't let go So small below I'll hold your hand And fly into the sky "
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