The Chemical Brothers - Dig Your Own Hole

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    Block Rockin' Beats
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    Dig Your Own Hole
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    Текст песни
    I'm tellin ya, i can not wait for this band to come on, because i've got a few
    Left over here, i'm gonna dance with their own shockin' feel and i'm a foreign
    Man so irvine, i'll bring it home...a one two....i'm gonna have another sound
    Check, and then we're sending for the chemical brothers...y'all want the
    Chemical brothers?...aic aichemical brothers, they knew all about soul so i'm
    Gonna show them irvine....are irvine lookin' for the chemical
    Brothers?.....aaaiik aaaiik, i like that....that's right, we gonna get the
    Chemical brothers..some funky music..........we got the band comin' up here in
    Two so....hold on tight......alright check this out!!!


    I'm tellin' ya...i can't wait for this band to come on....i'm gonna feel that
    [something or other]...i'm [blurr, blrrr, blrr-rrr] such a big fuckin deal...
    I'm the firemaster...and fellas i can't, two...i'm gonna have
    Another fire check...i'mo have another fire check for the chemical
    Brothers...ya ever heard a the chemical brothers!!!! (crowd-
    Yeah!!!)...o'ight, o'ight(alright, alright) the chemical brothers see they're
    All about soul...when [iphbllphh, plph(i count to three?)hhh,plupphhhh] are
    Y'all ready for the chemical brothers!!!! (crowd-yeah!!!!)... o'ight, o'ight,
    I like that...that's right ... we gonna get the chemical brothers; some funky
    Music...we got the bass comin' up here too so hold on tight...alright check
    This out!!!!

    Vocals : keith murray
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    Setting Sun ( feat. Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds )
  • 6
    It Doesn't Matter
  • 7
    Don't Stop The Rock
  • 8
    Get Up On It Like This
  • 9
    Lost In The K-Hole
  • 10
    Where Do I Begin ( feat. Beth Orton )
  • 11
    The Private Psychedelic Reel
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