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Исполнитель: Bryan Ferry
Альбом: In Your Mind
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Текст песни:
"(Ferry) Hark the frozen chimes of winter Crystal shimmer in your mind To the first time when you saw her You implored her to be kind In the open fields around you All before you gone to ground Both the question and the answer Deep inside you - you shall find And while you're strollin' Through the summer of your years Enchanted, a garden overgrown Don't call me sentimental Those of you who care Could find there a lover and a friend.....to the end And if you're taken by the sprit of your age No reason to carve a cornerstone Sway me, trade me Your philosophy- First you're sowin' Then you're growin' Then you reap......until you sleep Will you scale the silver studded mountain Where contemplation'll spring to mind See the veiled prophet's withered gaze Reflect the "nouvelle-vague" Glazed visions imprisoned in your mind Unwinding rivers flowing through the meadows To the sea - paths of glory Through shifting glades to fall Present laughter and the memory Of troubles you have seen It is written in your mind Will you stay And share my sorrow? Sing your praises Sing all praises Still you move me Knock me cold Rock-a-bye me Rock of ages You touched my soul "
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