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Слушать бесплатно One Kiss

Исполнитель: Bryan Ferry
Альбом: In Your Mind
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Текст песни:
"(Ferry) Now is the moment Here is the place And soon's the time to go Seeing's believin' Or so he thought once Now he's not so sure One kiss - one for the road - what is more? One kiss - roughly expressing all that lips are for Where do they come from? Doesn't she speak? Where can they co from here? Forever or never Or once in a while Their situation's clear One kiss - never too late to miss One too many a broken-up affair - like this Spinning together Drifting away The song of love is strange A never ending "See you soon" Too late - the music changed One kiss - what kind of end is this? One more touching impression - one lost love - one kiss Just as he's trying To open the door He fumbles with the key Clumsily playing for time Without words Some things you can only feel One kiss - lost in shade One tear - ever so slowly falling left to fade "
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