Xzibit - Restless

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  • 2
    Front 2 Back
  • 3
    Been A Long Time ( feat. Nate Dogg )
  • 4
    U Know ( feat. Dr.DRE )
  • 5
    X ( featuring Snoop Dogg )
  • 6
    Alkaholik ( featuring Erick Sermon featuring J-RO featuring Tash )
  • 7
    Kenny Parker Show 2001 ( featuring KRS-One )
  • 8
    D.N.A. ( featuring Snoop Dogg )
  • 9
    Double Time
  • 10
    Don't Approach Me ( featuring Eminem )
  • 11
    Rimz & Tirez ( featuring DEFARI featuring Goldie Loc featuring Kokane )
  • 12
    Fuckin' You Right

    Текст песни
    (xzibit talkin)
    Listen to this, i'm just tryna do this for us
    You know what i'm sayin, you scream at the top of your fucking lungs
    Yeah, i'm just tryna do this hard work and get this good between us baby, yeah

    Look, samantha, loraine, monica, veronica
    Veronica, she treated my dick like a harmonica
    How you think i learned how to twist it and turn
    Ya back until it's broke, make you feel it in your throat
    It was pamela, linda, keisha, nicole
    Had me fuckin while i was drivin on cruise control
    Can't wait to get it home and teach it all to you
    Look i'm just tryna be the best, i'm doin it all for you
    You know that thing with the peanut butter
    My brooklyn bitch said fuck untyin the ropes,
    It's faster with a box cutter
    I know you love the way i'm diggin you out
    But always wanna fuckin aruge so let's figure this out
    I'm just tryna make you happy bitch
    Who's there for you anytime you get in the mood for suckin a dick
    I took the time out to find out what ya like
    You bust fifteen nuts, wanna get up and fight
    So look

    You should thank of all the bitches that i have in my life
    All the experience i'm gettin got me fuckin you right
    Never took time to see it and plus
    All you thinkin 'bout is yourself, i'm thinkin for us
    You love the way i beat it down when i come in the house
    And all in ya mouth, the bedroom, kitchen and couch
    You should thank all of the bitches that i have in my life
    All the experience i'm gettin got me fuckin you right

    It was gina, julie, renee, ty and tammy
    Made me spend some extra days in miami
    Candy, trisha, prescilla, melissa
    Showed x to the z it's better with three
    Who could fuck your ass better than me (pssst)
    I think not, hard knock the cock, welcome to my sweat shop
    I pick locks made by nfl, nba, nhl, fuck all day
    You could say i didn't do this shit
    Unsatisfied bitches gotta go out and chase the dick
    And that's just not the thing to do
    So i learn new shit from the next bitch and teach it to you
    Now don't you love it how i shove it baby (hell yeah)
    When we be fuckin and we thuggin baby (hell yeah)
    The way i hit it when i pump it baby (hell yeah)
    And don't i spit it when i bust it baby (hell yeah)


    I insist that we fuckin on videotape
    Just incase a bitch lose face and try and call rape
    If you know somethin that might excite up our late night
    Got an open invite to lay us a pipe
    Make ya head feel like your wet, warm and tight
    I'll go from all night 'til the sun turn bright
    Two wrongs don't make it right bitch, no need to cheat
    (pussy just a piece of meat, another means to eat)
    Big tray d told me that, as a matter of fact
    You only tell me that you love me when you're flat on your back
    You wanna leave me now bitch, my fuckin feelings is hurt
    Why am i the only one that's tryna make this work

    (tray d talking to fade)
  • 13
    Best Of Things
  • 14
    Get Your Walk On
  • 15
    Sorry I'm Away So Much ( featuring Suga Free )
  • 16
    Loud & Clear ( featuring DEFARI featuring KING T. featuring BUTCH CASSIDY )
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