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    Front 2 Back

    Текст песни
    [xzibit - repeat 3x]
    Oh no, let's get drunk and fuck fo' sho'
    Please stop runnin yo' mouth let's go
    Actin like you've never seen a dick befo'
    All these bitches in here

    Will the real x to the z please stand up?
    With my niggaz and my guns, not givin a fuck
    Stickin 'em up at point blank range
    They say the more things change, they stayin the same
    I can't complain
    Type of shit that make you wish you was dead
    Make you fight the curb, a stomp down on the back of your head
    Blow it out like a afro pick
    Attract bitches like flies to shit
    Pop pills and ride the dick
    Niggaz can't swing this quick, i'm dark mcgwire
    Bangin shit over the fence with rottweiler
    Listen, niggaz do anything for a dollar, even
    Killin they own, let it be known, it's like

    [chorus - repeat 2x]
    It ain't safe where i'm from
    Niggaz start beef never knowin the outcome
    Rather be caught with it than caught without one
    Leave it alone because the life that you save might be your own

    I'm pullin pistols if you don't break bread
    Mr. wrong side of the bed, only get excited for head
    Now print this in your industry books
    If it wasn't for crooks you niggaz'd still sport the jordache look
    Hit the switch, front to back, side to side
    Natural born killers never let shit slide
    Never rely on the next man to swing for you
    A rock and a hard place, duck between the two
    And y'all bitches just somethin to do, don't get it twisted
    You're easy like sunday mornin and shopliftin
    It go simple as that, i'm never givin half to a rat
    I'd rather bam to your face with a bat
    You get tied down to the tracks
    Used to make a living cookin coke to crack, now i can't turn back
    This is holocaust rap nigga, overreact
    And i'ma bring to yo' chest like an asthma attack, ya heard?

    [chorus 1/2]

    [xzibit - repeat 2x]
    Oh no, x get drunk and fuck fo' sho'
    Please stop runnin yo' mouth let's go
    Actin like you've never seen a dick befo'
    All these bitches in here
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front 2 back xzibit

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