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Eric Clapton

Треки альбома

  • 1
    Travelin' Alone
  • 2
    Rocking Chair
  • 3
    River Runs Deep
  • 4
    Judgement Day
  • 5
    How Deep Is The Ocean
  • 6
    My Very Good Friend The Milkman
  • 7
    Can't Hold Out Much Longer
  • 8
    That's No Way To Get Along
  • 9
    Everything Will Be Alright
  • 10
    Diamonds Made From Rain
  • 11
    When Somebody Thinks You're Wonderful
  • 12
    Hard Times Blues
  • 13
    Run Back To Your Side
  • 14
    Autumn Leaves

    Текст песни

    "Oh! I would like as much as you remember
    The happy days where we were friends.
    In this time the life was more beautiful,
    And the sun more burning than today.
    The dead leaves collected with the shovel.
    You see, I did not forget...
    The dead leaves collected with the shovel,
    The memories and the regrets also
    And the wind of North carries them
    In the cold night of the lapse of memory.
    You see, I did not forget
    The song that you sang me.
    This is a song which resembles to us.
    You, you loved me and I loved you
    And we lived both together,
    You who loved me, me who loved you.
    But the life separate those which love themselves,
    All softly, without making noise
    And the sea erases on the sand
    The Steps of divided lovers.
    The dead leaves collected with the shovel,
    The memories and the regrets also
    But my quiet and faithful love
    Smiles always and thanks the life
    I loved you so much, you was so pretty.
    Why do you want that I forget you?
    In this time, the life was more beautiful
    And the sun more burning than today.
    You were my softer friend
    But I don't have only to make regrets
    And the song than you sang,
    Always, always I will hear it!

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