Iron Maiden - A Matter Of Life And Death

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    Different World

    Текст песни
    You lead me on the path
    Keep showing me the way
    I feel a little lost
    A little strange today

    I think I'll take a hold
    Of whatever comes my way
    Then we'll see what happens
    Take it day by day

    I thought I had it all
    I had it all worked out
    Just what my future held
    That there would be no doubt

    But then the card came up
    And I took another turn
    But I don't know if it's
    Fulfilment that I yearn

    Tell me what you can hear
    And then tell me what you see
    Everybody has a different way
    To view the world

    I would like you to know
    When you see the simple things
    To appreciate this life
    It's not too late to learn

    Don't want to be here
    Somewhere I'd rather be
    But when I get there
    I might find it's not for me


    Don't know what I want
    Or where I want to be
    I'm feeling more confused
    The more the days go by
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