Iron Maiden - Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son

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    (Smith, Dickinson)
    Seven deadly sins, seven ways to win
    Seven holy paths to hell, and your trip begins
    Seven downward slopes, seven bloodied hopes
    Seven are your burning fires, seven your desires...
    I am he the bornless one, the fallen angel watching you
    Babylon, the scarlet whore, I'll infiltrate your gratitude
    Don't you dare to save your son, kill him now and save the young ones
    Be the mother of a birth strangled babe, be the devils own, Lucifer's my name

    Moonchild - hear the mandrake scream
    Moonchild - open the seventh seal
    I count the heads of those unborn, the accursed ones I'll find them all
    If you die by your own hand, as a suicide you shall be damned
    And if you try to save your soul, I will torment you - you shall not grow old
    With every second and passing breath, you'll be so alone your soul will bleed to death

    Moonchild - hear the mandrake scream
    Moonchild - open the seventh seal
    Moonchild - you'll be mine soon child
    Moonchild - take my hand tonight
    The twins they are exhausted, seven is this night
    Gemini is rising as the red lips kiss to bite
    Seven angels seven demons battle for his soul
    When Gabriel lies sleeping, this child was born to die

    (3:38-Solo: Adrian Smith)
    (4:07-Solo: Dave Murray)

    One more dies and one more lives, one baby cries one mother grieves
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