Ice MC


  • Anything Can Happen
  • Russian Roulette

    Текст песни

    "It's a Russian roulette it s a game
    And you are playing with fire so don't be crazy
    Be at peace of mind when you go with the one you desire
    Your life is in danger
    A dumb dem duma dumb bem d
    Because they don't seh a danger but they still na done
    Mouth a water fever come
    But they don't remember to put a condom
    Russian roulette the roulette Russian
    Protect you ruddy an protect you bottom
    And no bother switch needle men injection
    HIV in affect hole the infection
    In the car dem a dig down deep and
    In the bed dem a dig down deep and
    In the field dem a dig down deep
    But I man when mi diggin lard I don't fall asleep
    Protececection protececection
    Use a cococondom a cococondom
    Good good loving uke that there's nothing
    Cause the AIDS business a serious something
    You never ever know never ever know no never know oh
    No no never ever know
    Who have the sinting ina dem hole
    Protect you head an protect you pole
    Dirty intention dirty invention an dem wah pin
    It all pan the African
    Remember who gmn an think about it
    Cause mi tell you already it's a serious something

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