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Слушать бесплатно Are You That Somebody

Исполнитель: Aaliyah
Альбом: I Care 4 U
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Текст песни:
"Featuring Playa, Timbaland [Timbaland] Dirty South, can y'all really feel me East coast feel me West coast feel me (repeat x 2) [Aaliyah - Verse 1 (Playa sings the parentheses)] Boy, I've been watching you like a hawk in the sky That flies, and you were my prey (my prey) Boy, I promise you if we keep bumpin heads I know that one of these days (days) We gon hook it up while we talk on the phone But see, I don't know if that's good I've been holding back this secret from you I probably shouldn't tell it but Chorus One: Aaliyah If I, if I let you know You can't tell nobody, I'm talkin bout nobody Are you responsible? Boy I gotta watch my back, cause I'm not just anybody Is it my go? Is it your go? Sometimes I'm goody-goody, right now naughty-naughty Say yes or say no Cause I really need somebody, tell me are you that somebody? [Aaliyah] Boy, won't you pick me up at the park right now Up the block, while everyone's sleep (sleeps, sleeps) I'll be waiting there with my trucks, my locs, my hat Just so I'm low key If you tell the world (Don't speak, you know that would be weak) Oh boy, see I'm trusting you with my heart, my soul I probably shouldn't let you but if I Chorus Two: Aaliyah If I, if I let this go You can't tell nobody, I'm talkin bout nobody Are you responsible? "
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