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Ekaterinburg - My deep musical house - это нужная волна проверенной музыки с нотками романтики начала двухтысячных годов.

Добро пожаловать, друзья!

Канал Инернет-радио "Ekaterinburg - My deep musical house" - все новое - все качественное - все то, что проверено под всем.


Radio Internet channel - presents:

Ekaterinburg - My deep musical house - this is the right wave of proven music with notes of romance early 2000s.

The time of the 2000s (Millennium) gave a new direction in the direction of Club music in Yekaterinburg and left a huge imprint on the youth style. There was "Tectonics", everywhere was rumbling "Electro" and almost everyone had an album "Cuba" from DJ Slesar.

 In the Urals region, namely, in Yekaterinburg, in 2005, clubs such as Park King, Shooom, Hysterics, Zebra, PODVAL and PUSHKIN Club were known. One of the outstanding, according to the majority of fans of night club life, was considered "Nightclub Snow" in Blucher Street.

Much water has flowed under the bridge ... and to this day, having heard old hits - the heart starts beating like then, the muscles begin to contract, knocking out the beat of the bat and the common flashback visits you as then))

Join the night life of my city!

Let you unwind and nostalgia blend with the trend this year.

Welcome, friends!

The Inernet-radio channel "Ekaterinburg - My deep musical house" - everything new - all high-quality - everything that is tested under everything.

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